WTTU Moo Duk
세계태산북두연맹 무덕 태권도

"The greatest victory is to overcome oneself"
WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo is the first full-time Dojang (Taekwondo School) in Dubai and the UAE.  “Moo” and “Duk” literally translate into “Virtuous” and “Warrior”, which are key to our core principles of developing Taekwondo practitioners who are strong and courageous as well as upholding values of virtue and being good to their fellow humans.  WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo follows the teachings of the legendary Grand Master Kang Shinchul, focusing on the traditional aspects of the ancient Korean fighting styles as well as keeping up with the modern day aspects of Taekwondo in both sparring and poomsae.  At WTTU Moo Duk Taekwondo, you are more than a member of a club, you are a part of a wider family of brothers and sisters who practice the same traditional style and have the same virtues and principles, steeped in a history that spans back thousands of years.

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