We offer training for both adults and children of any age group in Karate, Kung Fu, Wushu, Kalaripayattu and Judo. We help you to develop your skills in any of the martial arts form, be you a beginner or an expert. The goal of our club is not just to create more students, but to teach each and every student with personal attention to help him/her to attain perfection in what they do and to maintain their physical and mental fitness. We have a pool of the best trainers for each martial art form and they are pledged to deliver unmatched level of expertise in their area of drill.
Unquestionably, Universal Martial Arts Academy will be your best choice for physical and mental wellbeing. Our team has attended many tournaments on national and international level and bagged lots of rewards and honours. We have conducted a significant number of public demonstrations across UAE to raise awareness on the importance of physical and mental fitness. We were one of the official supporters of Dubai fitness challenge and conducted many number of training sessions during the DFC period.

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