Hello and welcome! Having lived and worked in our respective fields in Abu Dhabi for over a decade, we have seen the need for a studio led with passion and care. To provide a space that not only has the correct facilities, but that values quality teaching, personal growth, and a healthy community. As committed teachers we have had thousands of happy customers who trust us with their children’s dance and taekwondo training. We are so thrilled to be on this journey at Rise Center with you.

We teach because we love what we do, and passing that onto our students is our greatest passion.

Jesse & Tarek

Taekwondo Belt Levels
Taekwondo is one of the most popular modern martial arts with fast, high and spinning kicks. The sport originated in South Korea and in this program we follow the World Taekwondo Federation. This Olympic sport is trained using poomse (choreographed fight moves), sparing and self defense.

Younger children will be taught the basics through games and sport, while the older children will focus on technique, poomse and sparing. Students are regularly tested to move through the belt levels, from white to black.

Our fees will be payable by half term or full term this school year. Please contact us for a full price schedule.

Fees will be the same for online classes as they will be for in class learning.

All students will pay a 150 Dhs registration fee. This is a lifetime fee that we will not ask you to pay annually. Think of it as a lifetime membership!

Adult classes are based on a punch card system. We understand that work schedules change and life gets busy! With a punch card system you will have the flexibilty to try different classes and work around your home life. Please contact us for prices and conditions.

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