Dubai’s Iconic Karate Club Since 1992
Golden Fist International Karate Academy

Golden Fist International Karate Academy, Dubai’s Iconic Karate Club since 1992 – an International Karate brand with its branches and affiliated Dojos in many countries.

Golden Fist Karate follows Dr Renshi Renjith’s system of Karate principles, which is universal, and can be applied by any karate style practitioners.

Our Vision
To lead with the new waves of Martial Arts, and to be always one step ahead.
To be a Karate organization with the highest levels of integrity, leadership, and technical accuracy.
Promote peace and cooperation in our society, by guiding students in the development of positive character and physical fitness.

Our Mission
To provide the highest quality of the art of Karate-Do, through the practice of Karate teachings, philosophy, and principles.

Golden Fist Karate Academy is committed to follow the true spirit of martial arts, seeking perfection of character, being faithful in practice, respecting others, and refraining from violent behavior.

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