Welcome to THE CHAMPION CLUB, Academy of Martial Arts. At TCC our goal is not only to make champions of the ring, but champions of the life. Our martial arts academy, located in the heart of Dubai , is like no other in the middle east .

For the first time in Middle East students of all ages and abilities can choose from a wide variety of courses and instruction that will not only empower – but will keep you fit and healthy. Members are encouraged to take as many classes and styles as they choose, making TCC students the most well-rounded and highly-trained in the world.

TCC instructors are all specialists in their own arts. You will learn fundamentals of MMA, Muay Thai Kickboxing,  Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Self Defense, and Cardio Fitness.

Behind the idea of opening TCC for the first time in United Arab Emirates is Prince Amir the former three times world champion , the sensation of the 90’s and beginning of the new century

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