Who We Are
Al Shabab Karate Club seeks to foster the development of our students throughout their entire education. Our teaching community is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about creating the best Martial Arts School in Ras Al-Khaimah. Al Shabab Karate Club offers all the support necessary for our students to reach their full potential.

Karate Course
How You Can Benefit
With our Karate Course, students have the chance to exercise their mind in ways they never have before. We use only the best, and most advanced teaching methods to activate the minds of our students, and help them absorb all of the information presented. Learn and have fun all at the same time with Al Shabab Karate Club.

Aikido classes
Absorb The Material
People from across Ras Al-Khaimah and nearby turn to Al Shabab Karate Club when they’re looking for the opportunity to learning and succeed in something new and exciting. With our Aikido Class, you will surely be ahead of the game. Start today on the path to becoming an excellent student by using the most innovative and thoughtful methods in the world of teaching.


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