Welcome to Al Moharb Martial Arts Club

Al Moharb Martial Arts Club established in 2012 is the first Mixed Martial Arts , Taekwondo, Kickboxing , Boxing center in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Our emphasis is to train all students irrespective of their age (whether 5 or 60 years old) and to train like an athlete, especially a MMA Fighter, resulting in maximizing their physical capability.

Martial Arts—is one of the fastest growing workouts on the surface of this earth.

Adult and Kid Martial Arts class with certified trainers

Our sessions cater to a huge range of skill sets and targets: you can focus on boxing, wrestling or kickboxing; you can work on endurance or strength. Or you can simply get fit. Either way, you’ll find the hardcore fun you’re looking for. We have martial arts classes that both men and women enjoy, as well as Kickboxing classes for ladies only!

We at Al Moharb combine traditional boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), kickboxing for adults in a form that is good for Conditioning, Strength Training, Fitness, Self Defense, Building Excellent Coordination, Awareness, Life Skills.

Class Description
Taekwondo Kids (60 minutes)
Taekwondo Adults (90 minutes)
Boxing (90 minutes)
Kickboxing (90 minutes)
Ladies Kickboxing (90 minutes)
Muay Thai (90 minutes)
MMA (90 minutes)
Wushu Sanda (90 minutes)

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